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This graphic tee collection focuses on collaging and contrast with imagery and mood. This project comes from my daily practice I kept up the past few months. Every day I did a collage in different forms. I have always had a love for collaging and involving humor and small details that make people think. The collages for this collection use my own photographs that I have taken and I manipulate them to change the context in which it is seen and interpreted. The photographs are all of the environments I have been strongly connected to. The element of surprise in these comparisons are shown by the contrast between naturally dyed cotton t-shirts with “unnatural” collages and bleached/ chemically dyed shirts with beautiful, natural imagery on them.

Creative Director, Stylist: Madison Tongdangjoue

Photographers: Meghan Schoening, Madison Tongdangjoue

Models: Mariana Taitano, Christina Jevicky